Cold calling – how to get what you want from a client?

Cold calling – how to get what you want from a client?
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One of the most common sales tools iscold calls. This is when they call someone who does not expect it.

The scheme involves attracting potential customers through direct communication. With the advent of various types of advertising, they have lost their effectiveness, but not their popularity. Directors still attract a whole staff of employees who are ready to call potential customers, offer them services or goods. It’s stressful for the callers and a difficult job for the employee. Even with a list of prepared questions and answers, there are often negative, aggressive reactions.

Which areas of business use cold calling?

Template conversations, calls according to the list of numbers in order to find someone who agrees to use the service, buy goods. The main goal of a cold call is to bring you to a meeting.

This method is used:

  • medical centers;
  • beauty salons;
  • banks;
  • financial organizations;
  • transport companies;
  • representatives of the company selling the goods.
Cold calling
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Reasons for choosing:

  1. There are several thousand potential customers. B2b sales scripts increase the effectiveness of cold calls.
  2. A wide range of buyers for the implementation of b2c sales. The base with acceptable segmentation is unattainable, so the demand for the product must be high.
  3. The lead is too expensive, and the check leaves much to be desired. How else can you increase sales and average check?
  4. Other ways have run out of steam and cold calls are the only way to go.

What are the goals of a cold call operator?

The modern industry offers dozens of options for implementing this method of sales. But three are mostly used:

  • call according to a prepared script (cold call script);
  • presentation about the company, service or product at the very beginning;
  • serious preparation before the call.
Sales funnel – don’t miss a customer
Sales funnel – don’t miss a customer

It is a mistake to think that cold calling as a sales technique is aimed at buying. The main goal is to interest! And then offer to meet with a representative. Modern managers are trained to fulfill three goals:

  1. Minimum. Includes personal data that is important to know: the last name, first name and patronymic of the potential client. Obtain information about interest. A secretary or manager is made obligated through a direct question: “I will call on Monday morning and you will announce your decision, is that right?”.
  2. Normal. Anything that includes the minimum target. Only the commercial offer is added. The likelihood that it will not even be opened is very high. As a guarantee, obligations are again imposed on the potential client.
  3. Maximum. Minimum and normal targets plus reach out to the decision maker (director, owner or deputy). If this goal is achieved, then the cold call is considered effective.

Do I need to prepare for a cold call?

The first 3-4 seconds will determine the outcome of the conversation. The effect of the first impression is created through careful preparation and training. It is important to actively use two tools: voice and information.

Cold calling
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Cold calling is a telephone sales technique, it is the voice that will become the main tool for achieving the goal. It should inspire confidence, be positive and assertive. Any phrase leads to a result!

Emotional preparation consists of six stages:

  1. Understand that the answer will not always be positive and kind.
  2. Start the process only in a good mood.
  3. Do not interfere with your work experiences in your personal life.
  4. Do something good every day to recharge your batteries.
  5. Trust yourself and believe in yourself.
  6. Be willing to improve.
CRM – take your relationship with your customers to the next level
CRM – take your relationship with your customers to the next level

Information savvy is always at hand. The manager should be ready to answer any question about the product, company, service. The text is simple, clear and easy. The client must understand what they want from him at any stage of the conversation. It is useful to make test calls and listen to your voice, make adjustments.

How to make cold calls: steps and technique?

The effectiveness of cold calls depends on the conversation pattern of the sales manager. The base is always the same:

  • up-to-date base for making calls;
  • constant replenishment and editing of the database;
  • experience and improvement;
  • good, proven script;
  • preparing and setting up;
  • Make a first impression.

With such a base, you can not worry about the money spent, everything will pay off in a short time. It is possible to achieve profitable cooperation in several stages.

Cold calling
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Stage 1. High-quality preparation is the guarantor of a positive result. Improvisation is inappropriate because it is chaotic and does not lead to a goal. The manager must know the pros and cons of the service, product, conduct his own analysis and memorize the script.

Stage 2. Establish contact with the client. The first seconds create the first impression, the next ten seconds reinforce it.

Stage 3. Arouse the sympathy of the client. He must clearly understand what is offered to him and what is wanted from him.

A stronger connection is established through open, closed, and alternative questions.

Stage 4. Presentation of the product with readiness to talk about its advantages and answer any question of the client.

Stage 5. Active work with objections without pressure. The manager gently proves his point of view, answers with prepared arguments.

SWOT analysis – identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business
SWOT analysis – identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business

Stage 6. Conclusion of the deal. The push question becomes the basis for the final step.

Stage 7. Escort after making payment. This includes offers to arrange delivery, ask about the level of service, etc.

Warm, hot, cold calls

Cold and warm calls are complemented by hot calls. Telephone sales methods have proven themselves well, so they are still used today. A cold call operator can work in an office or call center.

  • Cold – a call to a potential client from an untested database, the manager knows nothing about the person. It is not even known whether he needs a product or service.
  • Warm – repeated call. A potential client knows about the company and the services it provides. The goal is to restore cooperation.
  • Hot – a potential client is aimed at cooperation with the company. The goal is to bring the transaction to a positive result and complete the payment.
USP – Unique selling proposition
USP – Unique selling proposition

Active promotion of advertising made it possible to push cold calls aside. They were replaced by:

  • contextual advertising;
  • seo optimization;
  • promotion, etc.

Setting up an advertising company by a competent director will cost less than paying for the work of dozens of cold callers, the maintenance of a call center and communication costs.

Competent promotion and optimization will help promote the site in the long run and immediately attract potential customers who are interested in the service. Increasingly, cold calls cause only irritation and every year the effectiveness decreases, you need to track trends in advertising and marketing.