Donald Trump: who taught Trump to win

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Donald Trump: who taught Trump to win
Donald Trump. Picture: Joe Sohm | Dreamstime

Biography of Donald Trump helps to understand the essence of capitalism.

He loves to win and enjoys brilliant deals. The status of “rich” for Donald Trump is not a goal, but a means to enjoy life. The man in question is the embodiment of the American dream. For him, surfing the waves of finance is like an exciting game.

Childhood and youth

In 1930, Donald’s mother, Mary Ann Macleod, a Scot, came to America for the holidays. Here she met her fate – builder Fred Christ Trump. He was born in the USA in 1905. Donald Trump’s grandfather was a German by nationality. After 6 years, Mary Ann and Fred got married. Donald Trump was the 4th of 5 children in the family. He was born in New York on June 14, 1946.

Fred Crist specialized in building low-cost housing in Brooklyn. In the post-war years, the demand for economy-class houses increased. Things were going uphill. From an early age, Donald accompanied his father during business meetings, spent a lot of time on construction sites. From his father, he learned perseverance in achieving goals, used to bring what he started to the end.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – “We must always go beyond our limits”
Arnold Schwarzenegger – “We must always go beyond our limits”

Until the age of 13, Donald attended Kew Forest School. The rebellious spirit interfered with the education of the future millionaire. Parents decided to transfer to the New York Military Academy. The rigid charter and strictness of the mentors helped direct the passionate temperament in the right direction. After 5 years of training, the cadet became an excellent student in his studies and captains of the local baseball team. The young man had good physical data. He was perfectly built, had a height above average (188 cm). He was offered a career as a professional athlete, but he refused. Young Trump dreamed of other heights.

In 1964 he entered Fordham University. After 2 years, Donald comes to the conclusion that he is wasting his time in vain. The young man applies to the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1968, Trump received a bachelor’s degree in economics. The enterprising young man decided to continue his father’s work.

Path to financial heights

The father of the future president had a good income. He provided his son with a decent education, gave him a job in his company. But how did Donald Trump become fabulously wealthy?

Donald took his first steps in business in the footsteps of his father. But he soon felt that the work in Brooklyn would not allow him to develop at full strength. He dreamed of conquering the more prestigious area of ​​New York – Manhattan. The financial life of the city was in full swing there. In 1971, an aspiring businessman moves to the economic center to take the family business to a new level. Trump befriends renowned lawyer Roy Cohn. A new comrade introduces Donald to the influential people of the city, helps to make useful contacts.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump. Picture: Ginettigino | Dreamstime

In 1974, the company’s office was opened under the leadership of a businessman in Manhattan. Soon, the entrepreneur manages to get the first major order for the reconstruction of the bankrupt Commodore Hotel. He transforms it into a modern Grand Hyatt hotel and transforms the surrounding neighborhoods. The concrete facade of the hotel is covered with sparkling glass. The building advantageously differs from the buildings located nearby and becomes a local landmark. Trump receives tax breaks from the city government for 40 years.

In the 70s. he enters into a number of lucrative deals with banks and private financial companies to provide loans. Donald wins a contract to rebuild a prestigious jewelry store. In densely built-up Manhattan, the right to build such an object is a real gift of fate. In parallel, work is underway at another large facility – the Trump Tower. This building has become the most magnificent skyscraper in Manhattan. Thanks to pressure and business acumen, Trump became a wealthy man and gained high prestige in society.
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Alexander the Great: short but bright life of the great commander

In 2016, Forbes magazine estimated Donald Trump’s net worth at $3.7 billion. It includes:

  • a three-story apartment in Trump Tower,
  • commercial space in this skyscraper,
  • Top-class international hotels
  • several skyscrapers
  • 6 golf courses with adjoining hotel complexes,
  • a huge playground in the Caribbean,
  • 4km2 Palm Beach estate
  • Mar-a-Lago Private Elite Club
  • several residences for holidays in different parts of the world,
  • annual profits from the 565 companies he leads.

The list remains open. It can be replenished with many projects that are underway.

Trump is a showman

In his youth, the millionaire was thinking about entering the film school. Another area of ​​his activity was the media business. He played himself in many films and series:

  • “Love with Notification”,
  • “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York”,
  • “Nanny”,
  • The Prince of Bel-Air.
Margaret Thatcher is an iron lady for the ages!
Margaret Thatcher is an iron lady for the ages!

He was repeatedly invited as a guest on popular talk shows. In 2004, Donald Trump’s show The Candidate” started on NBC. It was a resounding success. 16 applicants competed for leadership. The reward for the winner is the opportunity to study with Trump for a year and a six-figure salary. The charisma of the mentor and his manner of doing business attracted the attention of a wide audience. The popularity of the show allowed to shoot 14 seasons. The Candidate Project has put Donald Trump on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He is the owner of many media projects, including the wrestling program.

Passion for beautiful women also became the direction of his business. Since 1993, he has owned a company that organizes the Miss Universe pageant.


By 1989, Donald Trump was at the height of his success. He invested in the construction of the largest gaming complex in the world – the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. The project was behind schedule, and the cost was increasing day by day. To remedy the situation, in the fall of 1989, key company executives were sent there. On the way to Atlantic City, there was a helicopter crash. All passengers were killed, including 3 top managers.

Donald Trump:
Donald Trump. Picture: Palinchak | Dreamstime

The huge Taj Mahal casino was completed. But after the divorce from his first wife, the building had to be laid. The media hype undermined the credibility of the millionaire. His empire was predicted to end soon. The economy is in crisis. The real estate market has collapsed. In the early 90s, Trump declared his bankruptcy. He had to give up part of the capital to creditors, sell a luxury yacht and an airline. But by 1994, Trump had almost completely eliminated his debts.

Interesting fact! The maximum amount of Donald Trump’s debt almost reached 1 billion US dollars.
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Elon Musk: biography of a man who seeks to colonize Mars

During his career, the future president faced bankruptcy 4 times. Unsuccessful projects were related to the gambling business. But there were always forces and means to overcome crises.

Presidency: Big changes await America

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. His presidency began on January 20, 2017. He entered the Republican presidential race and beat out Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump is the wealthiest person to ever hold the presidency. The newly elected leader refused to receive the presidential salary. Except maybe $1 dollar! per year.

His electoral victory sparked a wave of protests called the Women’s March. The reason for this was the harsh statements of the candidate against the ladies and representatives of sexual minorities. Marches were held in many US cities. About 2 million people took part in them.

Donald Trump assumed the top leadership position at the age of 70. He broke the record of Ronald Reagan, who became head of state when he was 69.

Joe Biden – 46th President of the United States
Joe Biden – 46th President of the United States
Interesting fact! Donald Trump is the first American president not to have previously held public or military office.

Trump Politics

As a politician, Donald Trump is quite blunt. During his election campaign, the candidate focused on domestic political issues. He promised to restore America to its former power. Briefly, his views can be described as “economic nationalism.” Trump has proposed tightening immigration policies, building a wall on the border with Mexico, and ending government funding for cities harboring illegal immigrants. Tough conditions for visitors will help keep jobs and ensure decent wages for local residents. The candidate stated that he would reorganize the healthcare system.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump. Picture: Tommy Jeffers | Dreamstime

In 2017, at the June G20 summit, Donald Trump held a number of key meetings:

  • with German Chancellor Angela Merkel
  • with Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe
  • with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto,
  • On June 7, the President of the United States held talks with Vladimir Putin. It was decided:

A. to organize a diplomatic channel in Ukraine,
B. establish a bilateral group on cyber security,
C. appoint new ambassadors,
D. impose a truce in the southwestern part of Syria.

Later (in April 2018), Donald Trump announced that American troops would leave Syria. The withdrawal of units will take six months.

Vladimir Putin – President of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Putin – President of the Russian Federation

In the spring of 2018, we managed to establish a dialogue with the leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un. The government of the republic promised to stop nuclear tests.

Another meeting with French leader Emmanuel Macron took place in Washington (April 23-24, 2018). Trump demonstrated a method of negotiating called “tactile diplomacy”. Violating the opponent’s personal space, he played a real show. Trying to support the game, Macron looked ridiculous.

As a presidential candidate, Trump promised to rethink his foreign policy priorities. After his election, he continued the line of his predecessors on a number of issues. Disregarding traditional conventions, he acts assertively and boldly. An aggressive economic policy is being pursued towards the European Union. As a result, relations with Europe are gradually cooling.

In May 2018, Donald Trump announced the restoration of sanctions against Iran. The reason was the suspicion that the country continues to develop nuclear weapons. Donald Trump not only tightened sanctions against Russia, but also announced possible measures against third countries cooperating with the Russian Federation.

Impeach Trump

Most congressmen voted to impeach Trump. The U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach then-incumbent President Donald Trump under an article relating to incitement to rebellion.

Recall that during the riots during the storming of the Capitol, at least five people died, including a police officer. 222 Democrats and 10 Republicans voted for Trump’s removal from power, while 197 Republicans voted against. There were no abstentions, but some congressmen did not take part in the vote, which, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the adoption of appropriate precautions, took approximately 40 minutes.

Melania Trump – smart and beautiful wife of the 45th President of the United States
Melania Trump – smart and beautiful wife of the 45th President of the United States

According to NBS News, while in the Oval Office, Donald Trump watched the impeachment proceedings.

An interesting fact is that Trump became the first president in US history to be impeached twice during his reign.

As part of the debate that took place immediately before the vote, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that Trump should leave office, while stressing that the current president is a real danger to the entire nation. Recall that the first impeachment of Trump was announced in 2019, but the Democrats failed to gain the required number of votes.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump. Picture: Palinchak | Dreamstime

This time, ten Republicans decided to defect to the Democrats, saying that Trump had violated the oath, according to which he is obliged to defend US democracy.

The previous record vote against a party leader was in 1998, when five Democrats voted to impeach Bill Clinton. It is worth noting that earlier calls to convene a meeting of the upper house with a view to an immediate trial were rejected. As Reuters notes, the fact that earlier calls to convene a meeting of the upper house for a trial were rejected suggests that Donald Trump will not be fired from his post until the end of next week, when his term expires.

Trump’s books: the key to prosperity

Donald Trump shares the secrets of success in his books. In December 1987, Trump’s first book, How to Get Rich, was published. Caring wives gave “allowance” to their husbands at Christmas. The book was published in excellent quality. The content was also top notch. Americans passed it down from generation to generation. From the pen of the author came out 17 books.

Jacque Fresco – an outstanding scientist of our time
Jacque Fresco – an outstanding scientist of our time

Here are the titles of books written by Donald Trump on his own or in collaboration with other figures (source: Wikipedia):

  • The Art of Survival
  • “The America we deserve”
  • “How to get rich”,
  • The Art of Dealing
  • Think Like a Billionaire
  • America Broken: How to Make America Great Again
  • Top Survival
  • “The Art of Return”,
  • “The way up”,
  • “My best golf tip”,
  • “Why do we want you to be rich”
  • “Think big and don’t slow down!”,
  • “My best real estate advice: Top 100 real estate experts share their strategies”,
  • “Formula for success”,
  • “Trump never gives up. How I Turned My Biggest Problems into Success”,
  • “America’s Past Greatness”,
  • Gift of Midas.

The writings consistently sold well. Donald Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal” is useful not only for businessmen. It shows how important love for your work is for success. The author knows how to grab and hold the reader’s attention. Supports his thesis with examples from personal experience.

A billionaire’s family

Trump’s pressure was not only about business interests. The stubborn man made acquaintance with all the blond contenders for the title of Miss Universe. Among them was Donald’s future wife, Ivanka. The former Czech skier, who worked as a top model, had not only a spectacular appearance, but also a sharp mind. Married in 1977, they became one of America’s most powerful couples. The couple ran a business together. Ivanka Trump had exemplary taste, and she was entrusted with the interior decoration of hotels. The first wife of Donald Trump gradually turned from the keeper of the family hearth into a business partner.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump
Donald Trump and Melania Trump. Picture: Dwong19 | Dreamstime
Business is not Donald Trump’s only area of ​​interest. He tried to be sincere in family life. When it became clear that they had only a business relationship with his wife, he filed for divorce. In 1993, Marle Maples became the new chosen one of the enviable groom. They have been married for 6 years. Marla gave her husband a daughter, Tiffany. On April 26, 2004, Donald proposed to the future first lady, Melania Knavs. On March 20, 2006, the couple had a son, Barron William Trump. He became the fifth child of Trump.

After three marriages, Donald Trump has five children. Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. continues his father’s legacy. He is the Executive Vice President of the family business.

The daughter of Donald Trump, Ivanka inherited from her mother not only the name, but also her beauty. The former fashion model also works in the company’s management. The children and grandchildren of a millionaire manifest themselves in various areas of public life, politics and business. No wonder the Trumps are called the most famous family in America.

Donald Trump’s Famous Sayings

There is a famous quote by Donald Trump: “The secret of my success is in myself.” This phrase is the best answer to the endless questions of journalists. Donald Trump’s statement about the need to constantly compare prices has gained popularity among the masses. Whether you’re making the deal of the century or buying a toothbrush. He claims that every dollar counts for well-being.

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Jeff Bezos: biography of the founder of Amazon
Interesting fact! Trump thinks it’s pointless to take a vacation. If the work does not bring pleasure, it should be left. When you do what you love, you don’t want to rest.

Trump once made a taunt: “Failure to tip adequately is a sure sign of a loser.” He was clearly alluding to Hillary Clinton and the scandalous story when, in 2000, she forgot to leave a waitress for a tip.

Those who strive for self-development will benefit from reading Trump’s books. They are full of a lot of business advice and witty remarks. The identity of the 45th President of the United States is ambiguous. But it is difficult to deny his talent as a financier and manager.