Elvis Presley: 14 amazing facts from the life of the king of rock and roll

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Elvis Presley: 14 amazing facts from the life of the king of rock and roll
Elvis Aaron Presley. Picture: vk.com

Elvis Presley is a pop culture icon of the twentieth century. He is the idol of millions of his fans, and to this day causes extreme emotions of admiration both in relation to his work and to his personality.

Elvis Presley had an unusual life, filled with love from fans, but also suffering. Let’s find out the most interesting facts from his life.

1. Elvis Presley had a twin brother

Unfortunately, they were not allowed to grow up together, since Jesse Garon Presley (that was the name of his brother) died during childbirth. Despite his short life, Elvis’ brother influenced him. Frequent conversations with his mother about his late brother left a negative imprint on him, which marked the beginning of many complexes of the future king of his style.

2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail is one of Elvis Presley’s favorite films

The king often made spontaneous decisions and, for the sake of pleasure, would rent a cinema in the middle of the night (exclusively for himself and his friends) to watch a screening of his favorite film.

3. Elvis Presley was the owner of a huge fortune, but what did he like to spend it on?

Eccentric spending of the king happened very often. He liked his extravagant outfits, he spent a considerable part of his fortune on them. Often bejeweled, costumes weighing up to thirty kilograms typically cost ten thousand dollars or more.

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4. He liked to dress unusually

As a teenager, he was looking for extravagant outfits. He stood out from the crowd and altered his own clothes. As he became famous and rich, his passion for fashion developed and his ideas for extravagant outfits are copied by many celebrities to this day.

5. The musician loved water

Of course, the passion for singing was paramount for him, but he very willingly rode motor boats, yachts, loved fishing or just swimming.

6. Are you lonesome tonight is one of the most beautiful Elvis songs

However, the first association of his fans with this song is an unforgettable performance of this song in 1969 in a hotel in Las Vegas. The singer interrupted the performance of the song with bursts of laughter, which greatly amused the audience, and speculation abound as to what caused this great escalation of joy during the singing.

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley. Picture: wikipedia.org

Some say that he was amused by a fan who pulled off his trestle bed during the concert and exposed his bald head, others believe that one of his chorus girls sang too loudly and too expressively. The less supportive ones tell the king that he was under the influence of “drugs” so he couldn’t calm down and finish the song calmly.

7. Medicines used by the musician

Regarding the medications Elvis took, there are reports that at the end of his life he was prescribed up to ten thousand doses in the last eight months of his life. Unfortunately, these were times when powerful people could force doctors to do this, and drug addict Elvis asked for more “drugs” every day.

8. Friendship with John Lennon

Not everyone knows about this, but Elvis Presley was friends with another famous musician – John Lennon. A pair of musicians often quarreled in public, they sharpened their heterogeneous views, but nevertheless loved each other.

9. The musician was an excellent shooter

He practiced shooting, collected all kinds of weapons. His collection of shotguns was impressive.

10. Elvis loved good food

One of his unusual delicacies was a peanut butter sandwich with unusual toppings in the form of a banana or fried bacon.

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11. Elvis loved more than just water sports

In 1960, as a result of hard work and many years of training, he managed to get a black belt in karate.

12. None of the King’s songs were created by him

Presley did not compose a single word for his songs.

13. Elvis Presley’s wife Priscilla met her future husband when she was only 14

Their relationship ended with the appearance of a daughter, who was named Lisa Marie. This is Elvis’ only child. Lisa is also a singer.

14. The origin of the actor’s parents was from Europe

His mother was of Scottish and French descent. And his father is Scottish.