Freddie Mercury: 66 facts from the life of a great vocalist

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Freddie Mercury: 66 facts from the life of a great vocalist
Freddie Mercury. Picture:

Mercury was a prominent, recognizable Briton who introduced himself as the vocalist for the band Queen. The musician was born in Zanzibar on September 5, 1946 and died in London on November 24, 1991.

This talented rock music performer was the author, vocalist of such hits as “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Are The Champions”, which are known to this day all over the world and have a wide audience. The singer had a wide range of audiences and fans who remember him to this day.

Despite the difficult beginning of his career, Freddie did not lose heart and followed his dreams. Many interesting curiosities are connected with it, which will be clearly presented to you today. It is thanks to them that you will learn a lot of interesting things about the activities, life and personality of this talented singer.

1. One of the most interesting aspects is the fact that he was born as Farrokh Bulsara, however after a while he decided to change his name to Freddie Mercury. It is with this stage nickname that the singer is recognized all over the world, and few people know that his real name is significantly different from his adopted one.

2. Freddie Mercury was friends with Princess Diana.

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Julia Roberts – charismatic and temperamental actress

3. Young Mercury began his love affairs with the relationship of Mary Austin. After his death, he transferred most of his property to the woman. He was not completely sure of his sexual orientation, as he was attracted to both women and men.

4. One dream of the singer was to record a song with Michael Jackson. The collaboration was successful despite the obstacles the men faced along the way, and yet his dream was realized.

5. Freddie was a fan of animals and cats in particular. At the climax of his life, he had 10 cats, to whom he then dedicated his album, Mr. Bad guy. The man could not imagine life without these pets, which were the whole world for him.

6. Mercury was a shy man, despite the fact that on stage he could put on quite a show at a Queen concert.

7. The singer did not like to give interviews.

8. Freddie’s favorite artists include Aretha Franklin and Jimi Hendrix.

9. Despite his talent, the Queen singer had complexes, like any person. One of them was teeth. He was ashamed of them, but he did not take any steps to minimize this defect, because he was afraid to change the timbre of his magical voice.

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Adriano Celentano – a man with outstanding charisma

10. The musician was different from others with crazy ideas. Worth mentioning here is the day when he ordered the piano to be brought to the hotel so that he could continue writing and creating songs, or the situation when he wrote one of the songs in the hotel bathroom while bathing.

11. One of the yellow flowers was named after Freddie.

12. The singer and his manager told the artist’s fans about his illness, the day before he died.

13. Freddie Mercury fell ill with a serious illness that killed his body and led to subsequent death.

14. He was an adherent of the Zoroastrian religion, his funeral took place in her cult.

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury. Picture:

15. Before his death, Mercury took only painkillers, refused to use other drugs that were supposed to help him in this serious illness.

16. During the funeral, an Aretha Franklin song was played, namely the verse: “Take my hand, precious lord, you’ve got a friend”, when Freddie’s coffin was carried out.

17. In the song “These are the days of our lives”, fans can see the explosive, inventive and insane vocalist of the group Quenn. He wanted people to remember him that way.

18. We refer to the last songs of this outstanding singer, “Mother Love”

19. Mercury later in his career tried to put the piano aside to make his stage movement look better.

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Angelina Jolie – beautiful, talented, noble

20. The Queen singer feared for his life, despite the fact that he spent a lot of time at noisy parties. It should be added here that he could leave the plane on which he was supposed to fly only because this model could not be reliable.

21. He owned many estates. Among them were a villa in London and a house in Swiss Montreux, apartments in New York and Munich.

22. The singer spent many years in Bavaria, but his German remained at a very low level.

23. Despite AIDS, Freddie avoided talking about the disease, denied visible symptoms, such as numerous sarcomas on the limbs or face.

24. Member of the band Queen died at his home in London

25. Until the end of his days, Freddie was accompanied by his beloved Jim Hutton, whom he met in one of the gay bars.

26. The couple bought themselves wedding rings, despite the fact that their relationship was not officially concluded.

27. Mercury took off his ring every time he left the house.

28. The body of the singer was cremated.

29. Until now, no one knows where the body is buried

30. Hutton’s book describes the singer’s likely burial site in the gardens at Garden Lodge.

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31. Despite the fact that he supported the fight against AIDS, he did not donate a single amount of money to charity to fight this disease.

32. The songs “We Are The Champions” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” are recognized as the best in the history of music.

33. In 2006, Freddie Mercury was ranked 6th in the list of 100 most outstanding vocalists according to Hit Parader.

34. The image of a man was placed on postage stamps, which were issued by the Royal Mail in Britain. This idea has also been tested in other countries.

35. The singer’s father died at the age of 95, and his mother at 94.

36. The asteroid Freddiemercury is named after him.

37. A star in the constellation Cassiopeia is named after the singer.

38. In 2006, the outstanding Freddie Mercury Award was established for live music, which is the dream of many artists.

39. The artist died at 19:20 from fungal pneumonia

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury. Picture:

40. At the time of his death, the artist was 45 years old.

41. 35 people took part in the funeral ceremony, since it was of a closed nature, only for the people closest to him.

42. Freddie’s fans made a lot of inscriptions on the wall next to his house, put flowers on the sidewalk after his death.

43. It was the death of Mercury that showed people how serious a problem AIDS is.

44. In 1992, a concert was held at Wembley Stadium in honor of Freddie, and funds were donated to the fight against AIDS.

45. People from his environment believe that he devoted more time to cats than to people.

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Jason Statham – brutal since childhood

46. ​​His favorite instrument was the piano.

47. This outstanding singer’s favorite drinks are iced vodka, champagne and Silk Cut Mild cigarettes.

48. Favorite flowers are freesia and azaleas.

49. Friends and entourage claim that he spent about 5 million pounds on organizing parties.

50. Mercury used stimulants, mostly cocaine, on which he spent about half a million pounds.

51. The vocalist of the Queen group was bisexual, although he himself believed that he was closer to being gay.

52. A book was published describing the life of Freddie and Hutton.

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Nicole Kidman is a great actress and just a beauty

53. The song from the album Barcelona became the main one at the Olympic Games in Barcelona.

54. The singer did not consider himself super capable or better than the other members of the group, he believed that everyone is equal and everyone is part of Queen.

55. His voice scale was four octaves.

56. Mercury, as a young boy, attended a school where nuns taught.

57. The first band I started playing in was The Hectics, together with classmates

58. At 10, Freddie won the table tennis tournament he loved.

59. At the age of 18, the artist, along with his parents and sister, had to leave his native country due to the civil war. They moved to England.

60. Mercury attached great importance to his appearance. He loved makeup, outfits, and painted nails.

61. He dreamed of a solo album, and in the end he managed to create it.

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62. A man considered himself an ideal person. The only downside was his teeth.

63. Mercury began working with Michael Jackson despite many obstacles, and together they recorded songs such as “There Must Be More to Life Than This”, “State of Shock” and “Victory”.

64. In the 80s, the Queen group performed about 700 concerts around the world.

65. As a young boy, he was fond of – choir, theater and sports.

66. His first solo album was called Mister Bad Boy.