How to promote Instagram yourself – step by step instructions

How to promote Instagram yourself – step by step instructions
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How to promote an Instagram account is one of the most popular queries on Google in the last couple of years. Today we will give some promotion tips and talk about the features of working with a personal and commercial account.

Niche Definition

The first step to grow a channel is identifying your niche. If you decide to promote your Instagram account on your own, then, first, you need to understand in what area you will develop it.

You need to choose what is familiar and close to you. The audience always feels very subtly when and where they are trying to hold it, and therefore it is worth choosing only the area where you can really show your expertise and fill the content with the necessary information that is familiar to you personally.

Instagram audiences are always grateful for people who have a twist and originality that can hook you. No copy-paste or appropriation of other people’s ideas.

Create an account

The next step is the appearance of your account. It’s not for nothing that we always talk about the fact that people are greeted by clothes: this mechanism also works with pages on social networks.

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First, we have to put in order the visual part of the content: photos, description, avatar.

Imagine that your profile header is an image that people around you see. What do you want him to say about you? Briefly and concisely, the profile header should create exactly the impression about you that you would like to give to your subscribers. Tell what you do and what you might be interested in to the person who logged into your account. Make it so that he wants to view your entire profile, go to the content, explore it and subscribe.


The visual part is extremely important because it is what makes the target audience pay attention and follow you. But what about the interior?

Content is King
Content is King

Internal filling of the account is the third step of the work.

The main trend of 2019 is that the blogger has a fan base. Not just people who subscribe for funny content or prize draws once a month, but those who are interested in everything about the life of this blogger and who are ready to follow him and listen carefully. And you can get this audience only when you clearly define the niche in which you are going to develop, and you know exactly what and how you want to talk about.

But how do you get people to subscribe to you?

Audience search

The fourth step is finding and attracting an audience. In the question of how to attract an audience on Instagram, we always have several options.

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The first one is the most time-consuming and long one: you yourself understand the mechanisms of Instagram and delve into all the processes. Usually, it takes more than a year of time and takes a huge amount of effort.

The second option is faster and more productive: today there are many courses that help to understand everything, and mentors who are happy to show and tell everything about the work of Instagram and attracting an audience.

Still, you can turn to a freelancer who will set an attractively low price for his services, but, alas, he cannot guarantee the result.

In addition to freelancers, there are companies that are engaged in complex promotion: good ones always have specific cases, programs and real people who can respond to their work.

Instagram account promotion

Now about the methods. They are universal and will work regardless of whether you are promoting a commercial account or a personal one.

Firstly, there is a service promotion: subscriptions, likes and views of stories. Many showmen and big stars today use this method: have you ever noticed that someone famous starts watching your stories all of a sudden? We are forced to disappoint you, the point is not that the star is personally interested in your account, just a team of specialists who work for him is engaged in the service promotion of the account.

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This method is ambiguous and many people shy away from it, saying that it does not work to the extent it should. However, in fact, everything depends on how well all the necessary functions will be configured, how accurately the target audience will be selected, and how the appearance and content of the account will be worked out. If these issues were dealt with by professionals, then service promotion will definitely work.

Of course, each person himself is able to deal with this method, but it will take much more time and may not give the result that could have been obtained if specialists in this field had been involved in the settings.

Secondly, if your account already looks presentable and pleasant, if it is able to hook and offer something, then you can use advertising from the so-called opinion leaders. I’m talking, of course, about bloggers. Placing ads with a blogger that suits your audience and reach can bring a sufficient number of new subscribers. Your task will only be to keep them on your account, hooking and interested.

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Thirdly, there are official Instagram ads that require a larger budget and, if handled incorrectly, may not work as you expect.

Is it possible to get by without wrapping? Need to! Instagram closely monitors the sharp increase in followers and likes and immediately sends dubious accounts to the shadowban, which will be impossible to get out of. Subscribers will simply stop seeing many entries on your account, and you will not even be aware that something is going wrong.

Instead, focus on increasing your engagement rate, which depends on the quality of content and the increase in visibility that can be achieved through activity chats.

Creativity – how to start thinking creatively?
Creativity – how to start thinking creatively?

By the way, about them. Activity Chats are communities of people with similar goals (in this case, promoting a personal blog), where everyone shares likes and comments with each other. This method may not look attractive or fair, but it will definitely help increase account awareness and make publications go to the tops of interesting things.

Does it work with a commercial account too? Certainly! In this case, activity chats will also take their place in the promotion strategy through Instagram, because live likes given by real people work well in promoting the page. Your publication will be reflected in the “interesting” feed of potential customers and will work well in selling a service or product as well.

When to start making money on your Instagram account

Now you have already recruited your subscribers. When can you start making money blogging?

Picture: Natanael Alfredo Nemanita Ginting | Dreamstime

If you have more than 3,000 subscribers, you can already. Microbloggers on Instagram is another trend of 2019, and it is relevant precisely because the audience of bloggers with a small number of people is more active, which means that the publications of such a person often appear in the tops and make the account more popular. These bloggers often buy ads on which you can make good money. The main thing is not to waste your time on trifles and be responsible for the quality of your content.

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A commercial account where you talk about the product or service you sell requires frequent posting of customer reviews, showing the “behind the scenes” life of the brand you are promoting, and constant communication with subscribers, including live broadcasts with product stories, meaningful stories with polls and igtv.

By semantic stories for promoting a business page on Instagram, we, of course, mean a variety of promotions that are beneficial to subscribers, special offers and the internal cuisine of the company, which is always of particular interest.

Personal brand

Last but most important, don’t forget your personal brand on your Instagram page or other social network. People are always interested in knowing about the personality of the person they read or who is behind a particular company. They are interested in personal stories that you can sympathize with and empathize with. When there is a feeling of personal connection with a person, you want to watch him and believe in what he does.

A good example of openness and honesty on Instagram is the founder of the DoDo Pizza network, Fedor Ovchinnikov, who constantly shares stories of his successes and failures with his followers, gathering around him a fan audience, which, as we said before, is incredibly important.

Branding is the bridge between the product and the customer
Branding is the bridge between the product and the customer

Businessman Yevgeny Chernyak and many other successful entrepreneurs today say that those who do not develop a personal brand in the next two years will not be able to find their place in modern business in the future. Subscribers are the most valuable resource, which today has become much more important than the number of yachts and country villas.

Don’t be afraid to open up to people, be honest with them, don’t be afraid to reveal different sides of your personality and combine it with your commercial brand. It will make you more interesting and stronger.