Pablo Escobar: biography of the legendary drug lord

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Pablo Escobar: biography of the legendary drug lord
Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria. Picture:

On December 1st, 1949, the richest billionaire criminal in history, Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, was born. The name of this legend of the criminal world has long been strongly associated with narcotic substances, mainly cocaine.

Escobar is given a lot of various titles and titles, which he would not allow anyone to doubt. “Cocaine king”, “legendary criminal”, “worldwide drug dealer”, these are just some of Pablo’s titles.


As a child, Escobar was a small-time bully, but he was able to become the most powerful drug lord in human history. Escobar began his criminal career at a very young age. He lived in the village of Rio Negro, which was located three dozen kilometers from the Colombian Medellin.

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Escobar’s mother was a teacher, and his father was an ordinary peasant. In his youth, Pablo fell under the influence of a not very good company, began to steal bicycles, and was convicted of petty theft more than once.

Escobar made his first income by selling tombstones. He stole them from a nearby cemetery, removed the applied inscriptions and resold them. Soon he realized that it would not be possible to earn a lot of money in this way and decided to assemble a gang, which later was engaged in stealing cars and reselling them for spare parts. After some time, Escobar realized that the most incredible prospects were hidden by the drug business, which would bring him a lot of money.

Medellin Cocaine Cartel

In the year 1977, Pablo, with the support of three major drug dealers, creates the most powerful drug alliance that has ever existed, called the Medellin Cocaine Cartel, which has its own drug delivery network and even includes submarines and aircraft.

Pablo Escobar
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A huge proportion of the drugs were smuggled into the United States of America. From the sale of a kilogram of cocaine, Escobar received about 5 thousand dollars in net income. Every year, Escobar smuggled about 95 tons of drugs into the United States, which brought him $ 3 billion in profits.

The drug lord had his own laboratories, located deep in the jungles of Colombia, where cocaine was manufactured.

Drug Lord Strategy

Escobar quickly realized that political activity would greatly help the development of his business, so in 1982 he was able to become elected to the Colombian Congress. This status made him inviolable, and therefore the construction of the cocaine empire began to be even more active.

However, in the year 1984, Escobar ceases to be involved in politics, because his condition already helped to resolve all emerging disputes.

Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar. Picture:

Pablo clearly realized that popular support would greatly help him in protecting himself from the persecution of the authorities. He actively helped the Colombian poor, was engaged in the construction of shelters, roads, even new residential areas. Such care made him a real god for the inhabitants of the slums of Medellin.

In the year 1989, the authoritative publication “Forbes” estimated Pablo’s fortune at an incredible $ 30 billion. Escobar’s ranch had an area of ​​​​3000 hectares, it even had a personal airport and a zoo. In August 1989, the government declared real war on Escobar. The reason was the murder of a dozen supreme judges. After a few months, the authorities seized all the property of the drug lord, some of his associates went to jail, and he himself fled in a hurry.

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However, Pablo responded very violently by orchestrating the assassination of Luis Carlos Galana, the main presidential candidate, and by destroying a commercial flight with 107 people on board. Payback came on December 2, 1993, when Pablo was killed by one of the Colombian police snipers. The drug lord was only 44 years old.