How to build a personal brand? – Advice from a branding expert

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How to build a personal brand? – Advice from a branding expert

Often, a person needs only a few minutes to make a decision if the question concerns the purchase of a product or the choice of a company providing services. If he finds the information about your brand incomplete and unattractive, then that’s it. You can assume that you have lost a client.

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs, public figures and everyone who wants to stand out from society are working to promote their personal brand. After all, only personal and business recognition will help increase sales and become an effective lever for moving to a new level of profitability. People should love you even more, and for this you need to become recognizable.

5 steps to build a personal brand

1. Compose and publish your biography

Of course, not everyone will be able to get into Wikipedia. To do this, you need to be talked about in the media. However, there are other information resources where your personal data will work for the benefit of business. Posting a biography for public access is still possible. It will be an excellent advertisement for your company, and your personal brand will increase its attractiveness.

Personal brand building

2. Take care when creating your email signature

Clients need to be reminded of themselves in a good way as often as possible. Therefore, you can unobtrusively advertise your company through the personal brand of the leader. In the signature you can provide brief information about the activities of your organization and a link to the website.

3. Create an audio business card

What it is? For me, this is a kind of presentation. It must be capacious and working, characterizing a certain type of activity. From it, the listener should understand how the speaker can be useful to him and whether he is worth the time that will be spent on him.

4. Start a personal blog

This way you can reach a specific audience and get to know your target group directly. This will allow you to draw attention to yourself

Practical benefits of a personal brand
Practical benefits of a personal brand
Attention! The company will become interesting to Internet users, at least from the point of view of knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and the range of products sold.

5. Be active on social media

Don’t forget that clients will definitely be interested in your personality. At the same time, most of the publications should talk about professional activities and personal achievements. The number of friends should increase. This will show the rest of the “fleeting” listeners your importance. I also recommend creating an account on a popular social network so that the public can get to know your brand and receive new information daily.

A person who is liked by others and connects with them will make more sales. Therefore, if you want to expand your business, attract investment and gain new clients, then learn information on how to create a personal brand. For a beginner in business, this will allow him to avoid making ineffective decisions.

Maximum practical benefit from a personal brand

Do you want to sell a lot and often? Then do some self-PR. Make sure that existing consumers of your products do not remain silent, but talk about its quality and popularize your company among society. You can collect customer reviews. They don’t have to be good and talk about how great your company is.

Personal brand building

Negative comments also work by drawing attention to yourself. But in this case, it all depends on your communication skills and desire to resolve the conflict, if it is really worth special attention.

A personal brand will allow a company to:

  • compete at a high level with owners of similar businesses;
  • regularly receive a flow of new clients and retain old ones;
  • earn more due to your importance and recognition;
  • reach a new level of sales (regional, international).

The benefits of a personal brand for a company will certainly affect its employees. If the business develops, it will open up good prospects for achieving planned goals.

Personal branding and its role in business
Personal branding and its role in business

After looking at Instagram photos of some organizations and celebrities, you can really note that the right content on the Internet is reflected in popularity. Everyone knows, for example, who Elon Musk is. Therefore, promoting Tesla’s personal brand was not difficult for the performer. The public who loves his work can easily transform into consumers of his products.

Your brand personality

Each company should have its own “trick”. A memorable logo, slogan, or unique product that you won’t see anywhere else. All this works as good advertising and emphasizes the personality of the brand. You will definitely want to try something new for yourself if you are offered a different presentation format. But only understanding what the audience wants to see and what will sell will bring real success.

You need to communicate with potential clients. It is impossible to create a personal brand without dialogue. Regardless of the topic of the conversation and its nature, the owner of a personal brand should give an answer to everyone who needs it. This will only emphasize the openness of the individual and show that there is nothing to hide. Reviews, for example, cannot all be perfectly positive, since the reader will get the impression that they are not truthful, written by one person. But with a commentator who writes negatively, you can practice working with objections.

Consumers now have great opportunities. They can compare products from different companies, study information about the manufacturer, and personally meet those who have already tried your product. The client must love you. But he can also quickly become an anti-hero. Therefore, you should value your image and develop your personal brand so that for one negative response there are a hundred positive comments.