Anime is part of Japanese culture

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Anime is part of Japanese culture

In the vast majority of cases, anime is usually understood as Japanese animation, and unlike ordinary cartoons intended for children, anime is focused on teenage as well as adult audiences, due to which the popularity of this genre in the world is constantly growing.

The main sources for creating anime are Japanese comics, or computer games performed in the “visual novel” genre. As a result of the film adaptation, both the graphic style and other features inherent in the original are usually preserved, and in some cases, the anime itself may have a completely original plot, which, over time, can be used to create a book version.

Anime about love

Far from the last place in the list of romantic anime is the film “Your Name”, the main character of which lives in the countryside and dreams of a bustling city, at one point discovering that she switched places with a guy from Tokyo.

A rather refreshing love story is the anime Knocking On You, which breaks the stereotypes that reign around such romantic plots. One of the best anime films of recent years is “The Shape of the Voice”, which creates an unforgettable atmosphere due to the excellent combination of animation and music.

Anime games

Like cartoons, game anime projects represent a variety of genres, ranging from the most complex thematic quests that require the mobilization of intelligence, and ending with “cute” stories.

Doom: the history of the legendary game series
Doom: the history of the legendary game series

It is worth noting that if initially many anime games were based on popular series, then more and more independent projects have recently appeared. Within the framework of the current year, games such as Edge of Eternity, Battle Lust, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, as well as a number of equally exciting projects should be released.

Anime movies

When choosing an anime movie to watch, it is worth remembering that the ratings in online cinemas can be far from reality, and therefore the works of cult masters such as the greatest master of Japanese animation Isao Takahata will be a great start to get to know this genre of art.

Fantasy films that are included in the recommendations for all time include the fantasy “Decorate the Morning with Flowers of Promise”, “Connected Worlds”, and “A Letter to Momo”.

Anime worth watching

For beginners who are just starting their way into anime, it is recommended to pay attention to the series “Spice and Wolf”, “Steins Gate”, and also be sure to watch the anime “Welcome to the Japanese Hikikomori Association”.

Netflix: Cool Shows You Can Watch Right Now
Netflix: Cool Shows You Can Watch Right Now

The universally recognized masterpieces are “Code Geass” and “Ergo Proxy”, as well as “Elven Song”, however, the latter contains scenes of cruelty.

About vampires

The list of the best vampire-based anime includes Blade, Underworld, and Dracula, as well as the romantic film Vampire Knight, in which two guys fight for the heart of a girl, one of whom is vampire.

In addition, Hellsing Ultimate, The Last Seraphim, The Tale of the Moon Princess, The Brotherhood of the Black Blood may be of interest, and the list can be continued indefinitely.

About school

In this case, we mean anime, the events in which take place directly in an educational institution, and despite the fact that this topic, it would seem, has already exhausted itself, the directors manage to come up with something new.

In the vast majority of cases, such anime tells about school romance stories, or is of a comedic nature, but there are also stories that tell about mystical situations at school, or teach martial arts. It is not uncommon for the ecchi genre to be woven into school anime, which provides for the imposition of an 18+ restriction.

Netflix anime

Given the fact that anime is no longer a niche genre, the streaming service decided not to stand aside and signed a contract with four Japanese and Korean studios. Thus, in the very near future, Netflix will have both their own titles and those purchased from the side. This year, the anime “HIGH-RIZE INVASION” is scheduled to be released, the plot of which is based on the story of a schoolgirl who ended up on the roof of a high-rise building, as well as the picture “THE WAY OF THE HOUSEHUSBAND”, which tells about a Yakuza representative who decided to leave crime and do homework. economy.

Assassin’s Creed is not only the cult series of games from Ubisoft
Assassin’s Creed is not only the cult series of games from Ubisoft

The vast majority of criticism expressed in relation to anime concerns excessive violence and eroticism in such products, and in Japan itself, the style of drawing anime, which is characterized by excessive unrealism, causes dissatisfaction.

In addition, often in order to emphasize the beauty of a character, he is given pronounced European features, which, according to some critics, leads to the consolidation of the stereotype that being white means being beautiful a priori, as a result of which many Japanese begin to develop complexes of -for looks.