10 Best Personal Finance Books – List from a Financial Advisor

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10 Best Personal Finance Books – List from a Financial Advisor
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I have made a selection of books by authors on finance that will be of interest to those who want to master financial literacy skills.

Daniel Kahneman “Think slow, decide fast”

A book about errors of intuition and how rash acts can be committed, including in the field of finance.

Nassim Taleb “Fooled by Accident”

About the role of chance in our lives and business. About making decisions in a world that may not be clear. A book about uncertainty and unforeseen events from a trader, philosopher and mathematician.

Warren Buffett “Essay on Investments, Corporate Finance and Company Management”

A book from the richest man in the world and the benchmark in investing.

Steven Levitt, Stephen Dubner “Freakonomics”

For those who love provocative books about a non-standard approach to economic thinking based on human psychology.

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Jason Zweig “Brain and Money. How to teach 100 billion neurons to make the right financial decisions

This book is a great, fascinating study of financial behavior.

Carl Richards “Let’s talk about your income and expenses”

A book about the general principles of financial planning: goal setting, accounting for expenses and income, investing.

Bodo Schaefer “The Path to Financial Freedom”

The book is over 23 years old, but is still relevant: the rules of money management have not changed for many years. To increase wealth, according to the author, you need to take four simple steps: save a percentage of your earnings, invest what you save, increase your income, save a percentage of your increased income.

Robert Kiyosaki “8 financial misconceptions”

Here the author addresses the beliefs that prevent you from earning money and are the causes of money leakage, and tells you how to fix it. The ideas in the book may echo his previous works and global bestsellers, Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Cashflow Quadrant.

Ha-Joon Chang “How the Economy Works”

It will help you understand the basics of economic theory in practice, as well as the development of the world economy. Why are some countries richer than others? Useful for those who want to understand not only personal finance, but also modern economic processes.

Leonard Mlodinov “Imperfect Chance”

A book about the application of probability theory in ordinary everyday issues, including finance.

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