Jackie Chan is definitely a cool guy!

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Jackie Chan is definitely a cool guy!
Jackie Chan. Picture: interesnyefakty.org

Jackie Chan is known to everyone as a great actor. His challenging career has spanned more than 55 years. During this time, Jackie Chan managed to star in more than 110 films. Favorite genre is action comedy. However, behind the easy, fun scenes, there is hard and dangerous work.


The future action hero was born on April 7, 1954 in Hong Kong. The boy was named Chan Kong-Sang (Kong-sang Chan). It is often mentioned that the parents, Charles and Lily Chan, were simple, poor people. Although there is evidence that in the early years they were related to crime.

At the age of 6, the boy is sent to the Peking Opera School. He learns to sing, gets his first stage experience and is fond of kung fu.

Since 1960 the Chan family has lived in Australia. The boy does not quit acting. From the age of 8-10, he acts in extras, gets several roles in films and opera.

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As a teenager, young Jackie becomes a recognizable actor. This was facilitated by the work of a stuntman in the paintings of Bruce Lee. Once the master, in the heat of a staged battle, hit Chan in the head. The blow was strong and painful. Many years later, Jackie will call this case one of the happiest. I remember Bruce Lee’s concern for the health of the 17-year-old stuntman.

Filming stopped in the early 70s. The young actor has to move to his parents in Canberra, the capital of Australia. Here he studies and works at a construction site. Chan is patronized by a friend named Jack. Thanks to this, the actor gets a name that millions will later recognize. At first he is called “Little Jack”, and then simply “Jackie”.

Jackie Chan on screen

At the construction site, Chan did not stay long. Two years after moving to Australia, the film “The Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow” is released. Jackie plays a major role in it and becomes popular.

This picture laid the foundation for comedic kung fu. The new direction was the best suited for the young actor. He mastered martial arts, did acrobatics and had excellent stage skills. Jackie had almost no competitors in comedy kung fu.

Although there was little skill for staging such films. Complex stunts were required. Chan often risked his health, life for the sake of an interesting episode. In The Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow, he was even allowed to invent his own stunts.

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In the same 1978, acting success was consolidated in The Drunken Master. Jackie played a Chinese folk hero here. Such roles are unusual for Jackie Chan. The image of Wong Feihong turned out to be bold, even risky in terms of criticism.

In the early 80s, the actor starred in many roles of the first and second plans. Films with his participation are being promoted on the American cinema market. At the same time, Chan organizes a team of stuntmen.

A breakthrough in his career came in 1995. The painting “Showdown in the Bronx” was a great success in the States. In the same year, MTV presents the actor with an award for general achievement. Films with Jackie Chan receive stable box office receipts.

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan. Photo: karavan.ua

The actor is actively working with Hollywood studios. “Rush Hour” in 1998 becomes one of the most profitable projects. There are two sequel films. The trilogy brought in approximately $1 billion.
Further, Jackie experiments in work with varying degrees of success. In 2002–2004 several films at once collect small box office.

After failures, a decision is made to return to Hong Kong. At home, the actor will again be successful, for example, with the film “New Police Story”. Experiments with roles continue. There are new films of Chinese and American production. In 2011, the actor’s 100th work, The Fall of the Last Empire, was released.

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Jackie Chan has always managed without the help of understudies. Stunts brought a lot of serious injuries. Every morning the actor gets out of bed only with the help of a special device, a simulator. This has been going on for many years.
Despite injuries and age, at 65, Jackie Chan continues to act in films. Last year, for example, “The Secret of the Dragon Seal” was released, where he has one of the main roles. This is a Russian-Chinese picture, where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Pavel Volya also starred.

Cinema images

The bulk of Jackie Chan’s films are action comedies. Despite the different plots, the actor plays there kind, strong, but rustic people. Chan admitted that Bruce Lee influenced the choice of image and role. Jackie does not belong to the imitators of the master. Bruce Lee played focused fighters striving for perfection. Jackie’s heroes are simple people with many flaws. Often they are lazy, frivolous, are in a difficult relationship with others.

Around the end of the 90s. Chan is increasingly moving away from the usual image, for example:

  1. In 1999, romance, a dreamer plays.
  2. In 2000, she starred in a comedy western (Shanghai Noon).
  3. At the beginning of the 2000s, he uses superimposed special effects (“Tuxedo”).

Although all, even unusual, characters have something in common:

  • They fight well.
  • Good guys. Jackie explains this by the fact that many children watch it. Plus, the actor does not want the negative image to “attach”. He did not become a movie villain even at the invitation of Stallone and Douglas.

Seven years ago, in an interview, the actor admitted that he did not want to be remembered only because of the fights in the frame. Since about the beginning of the 2000s. he tried to add more meaning, drama, stagecraft to the films.

Jackie Chan in real life

Jackie has been married to actress Lin Fengjiao since 1982 or 1983. There are adult children: a son and a daughter. The autobiography contradicts what researchers find in several places.

Chan is a person who is fond of, striving for perfection. Because of this, some consider him a work-obsessed, perfectionist. For example, in the movie “Dragon Master” the hero had to beautifully kick the shuttlecock. To get it right, it took 2900 takes. Similar “shortcomings” distinguished other creative people, for example, Mayakovsky or Tolstoy.

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Jackie Chan has many hobbies and talents, for example:

  • He likes to sing. This passion has remained since childhood, from the Peking Opera. Chan has already released more than 20 albums. The main songs from the films are cut, but something remains in the credits. Many songs are liked by people. Jackie performs compositions in different languages: Chinese, English, Japanese and others.
  • Buddhist
  • Actively involved in charity work.
  • Loves motorsport. He is one of the owners of the racing team.
  • Tried many specialties. For example, he was a screenwriter and producer. More interested in directing. He has more than 15 films in this capacity.

In Jackie’s piggy bank there are many achievements, for example:

  • Stars in his honor in his native Hong Kong, on the Old Arbat and in Hollywood.
  • In 2016, the actor was given an Oscar. The wording notes wit, energy, and “consummate athletic prowess.”
  • Books are dedicated to the actor. His image is used in cartoons, computer games.
  • Two times got into the Guinness Book of Records for the number of tricks and mention in the credits. In one film, Jackie held 15 positions: actor, cameraman, food manager, etc.
  • In 2009 he received an honorary doctorate from a university in Cambodia.

Jackie Chan is a world class movie star. He keeps the best, tries new things and still pleases the viewer.

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