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  • Increasing brand visibility: High-quality articles increase brand visibility. This helps to increase awareness of the company, its products and services.
  • Attracting the Target Audience: Articles allow you to more accurately target the right audience by creating content that meets the interests and needs of potential customers.
  • Building Trust and Authority: Providing useful and reliable information through articles increases brand credibility.
  • Long-lasting impact: Unlike traditional advertising, which runs for a limited time, articles remain online indefinitely. This creates a long-term asset that attracts new customers for months and even years after publication.
  • Building Relationships: Articles help you build and maintain relationships with potential and existing clients through knowledge sharing.
  • Wide Distribution: The article can be easily shared through social networks, email and other channels, increasing its reach and influence.


  • Increases trust: Real stories and achievements inspire readers, which increases the credibility of the individual.
  • Putting personality at the center: A bio highlights a person or brand by telling a story in a unique and interesting way. This creates a deeper understanding of the individual.
  • Evidence of Success: Past achievements and exceptional qualities described in a biography can serve as evidence of competence and can reassure potential clients or partners of a person’s reliability and success.
  • Inspirational Story: The personal struggles, overcoming obstacles, and triumphs depicted in the biography will inspire and motivate readers. This creates an emotional connection that exceeds the effectiveness of traditional advertising.
  • Formation of guidelines: A well-written biography builds a long-term positive perception of the individual and sets the direction for future development.
  • Different from Traditional Advertising: While many forms of advertising can be intrusive, bios are a softer, narrative approach that influences perceptions and decisions.
  • Creating a Historical Portrait: A biography can provide historical information that will preserve stories about a person or brand for future generations and strengthen the legacy.


  • Authenticity: Interviews allow individuals or company representatives to speak candidly and in detail about their business, which helps build trust with the audience.
  • Depth of content: Unlike traditional advertising, an interview can provide a deeper and more detailed understanding of a product, service or brand, which is especially important for complex or innovative offers.
  • Target Audience: Publishing an interview allows you to precisely reach the audience you are interested in.
  • Expert Opinion: An interview can demonstrate deep knowledge and expertise in a particular area, which helps build brand authority.
  • Audience Engagement: Interviews often contain stories, personal stories and experiences that can evoke an emotional response and be remembered by the audience better than traditional advertising messages.
  • Reuse content: Interview content can be used repeatedly and in different formats, for example, sharing quotes on social networks, creating videos, podcasts, etc.
  • Transparency and Honesty: In an interview setting, it is difficult to hide facts or avoid difficult questions, which can promote a sense of honesty and transparency in the audience.
  • Personalization: Interviews provide an opportunity to step away from disingenuous corporate messages and reach the audience personally, which can strengthen the connection between the brand and its fans.
  • Uniqueness: Unique experiences and unique stories told in interviews can set your brand apart from the competition.

Company history

  • Creating an emotional connection: Stories create an emotional response in readers. By sharing its origins, the challenges a brand has overcome, and the successes it has achieved, a company creates a strong connection with its audience.
  • Uniqueness and differentiation: Every company has a unique story that sets it apart from its competitors. Publishing a story helps you stand out from others and emphasize the uniqueness of your brand.
  • Brand Trust: By demonstrating transparency in its endeavors, a company can build trust with customers. Stories about challenges and achievements can create an image of a reliable and mature brand.
  • Strategic Positioning: Telling the origins of a brand or company can help with strategic positioning in the market. This may include the brand’s core values, mission and vision, which attracts customers with similar values.
  • Increasing Brand Awareness: A brand story that is easy to remember and share can go viral, increasing awareness and goodwill for the brand.
  • Engagement through content: Publishing a company story provides valuable content that can be used in various marketing channels: websites, blogs, social media, print publications, etc.
  • Inspiration and Motivation: Sharing stories of how a brand has overcome challenges and achieved success can inspire others and motivate them to take action, whether that be buying a product or starting their own business.
  • Time-Resistant: Brand stories do not lose relevance as quickly as other marketing materials, making them a long-term investment in your brand.

Expert column

  • Establishing Credibility: Expert articles help create an image of being an expert in a particular field. This helps to increase trust on the part of potential clients and partners.
  • In-Depth Demonstration of Knowledge: Unlike traditional advertising, where information is usually presented in a condensed form, an expert article allows you to describe a product or service in detail, explain how it works, and provide unique insider information.
  • Increasing brand visibility: Publishing expert materials significantly improves brand awareness, as publications are often distributed to the target audience.
  • Creating value for the reader: By providing useful and evidence-based information, the expert column helps solve audience problems and reinforces the brand’s perception as a source of valuable knowledge and resources.
  • Protection of authority: In case of crisis situations, expert opinion can help reduce damage to the company’s reputation, since the expert column becomes a platform for an objective presentation of facts and the formation of a positive image.
  • Social influence and discussion: Expert opinions are often quoted and discussed in social networks and professional communities, which increases brand mentions online and its influence.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Expert columnists can form partnerships with other experts in their industry, which helps expand their professional network and strengthen their position in the market.
  • Content longevity: Unlike temporary advertising campaigns, expert content remains available and relevant for a long time.
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