Work from home: a list of the best professions

Work from home: a list of the best professions
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With the development of new technologies and the Internet, working from home is becoming easier. But what profession to choose this year? About this, read on.

In fact, there are many things you can do from home, for which you will be paid money. And while working from home is usually associated with working on the Internet or using a computer, in fact, there are many jobs that you can do without much computer knowledge. But let’s talk about everything in order.

Copywriter, translator, computer operator

For people who speak and write, who know foreign languages, there are several options: write texts for the Internet (copywriting or rewriting), translate texts, transcribe audio recordings. Usually, this requires some knowledge, for example, if you are not a lawyer and have never practiced law, then writing texts on such topics or translating texts on this topic will be difficult, and mistakes will be expensive.

Copywriting is content king
Copywriting is content king

But there are many texts that do not require special knowledge, you only need to know the language well. For example, anyone can write a text about cleaning an apartment, and such texts are also in demand.

As for translators, there are various options. But usually this is either a job for specialized text translation services, in which they place high demands on the knowledge of both languages, but they also pay well. Or there are sites where you can translate e-books, and then you will receive a certain percentage of royalties for each copy sold.

The service for transcribing audio recordings is also quite in demand. Now many people hold webinars, podcasts and often need a text version. For this, an audio or video file is sent to the employee, and he must print the text.

Blogger or website builder

Blogging has long been part of people’s lives and many people make money from it. In many ways, the work of a blogger is similar to the work of a copywriter, that is, you need to write a lot of texts. But there are also differences, the main of which is that you will not be immediately paid for your texts.

Work from home
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If your site gains popularity, then you can monetize it in a variety of ways. But in general, this is a more profitable occupation than writing texts. But in addition to knowing the language, you will need knowledge of search engine promotion – SEO.

How to make money on Instagram – 7 ways
How to make money on Instagram – 7 ways

A webmaster or website builder is similar to a blogger in many ways. But it is one step higher – usually the webmaster does not write the texts himself, but buys ready-made ones or orders the necessary articles on copywriting exchanges.

As for earnings, here again no one will pay you just like that, but if the site gets a lot of traffic, then it will not be a problem for us to earn it. And one of the easiest and most profitable ways is to simply sell it. As a result, you can immediately get the amount that the site will bring in a year, or maybe two.

Money on YouTube

As with blogging, creating a YouTube channel is becoming more popular every year. Many people have tried this type of income with varying degrees of success.

How to make money on YouTube: some useful tips
How to make money on YouTube: some useful tips

Some have become real YouTube stars, and get silver, gold and even platinum buttons, which means that these people earn well. But at the same time, many people do not earn anything at all for months and years.

If you are comfortable in front of the camera and think you can keep a large audience, then why not give it a try?

Call Center Operator

When people hear the word Call Center, they usually have an image of a huge office space in which hundreds or more people sit at once and who are talking at the same time. Yes, this is a correct representation. But now many have begun to work as Call Center operators right at home. For this, special software is usually installed on the computer, headphones with a microphone, and a person can begin his work.

As a rule, such work is not related to customer service, which is exactly what employees of large Call centers do, but to sales. And the employee receives a certain commission for each client, whom he “squeezed”. Therefore, communication skills are important in this job.


The work of a nanny meets real demand: often young mothers try to get to work faster, but they don’t take a child to kindergarten because he is still small. And the lack of places in kindergartens also affects.

Make-up artist, manicure master, hairdresser

You can easily practice beauty from home. Naturally, you will first need to invest in the purchase of certain equipment and equip the place. For example, if you are a hairdresser, then this will require a special chair, a mirror, water supply and sewerage. And with this in mind, most likely, you will have to allocate a separate room.

Work from home
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It is extremely important here to create fame so that you are known to come to your home. Social media is good for this. On your page, tell us what you do, give your contact details, it would be useful to show satisfied customers.

Ask your friends to repost, so you will immediately reach a large audience. And don’t forget about paid advertising either: advertising accounts of social networks allow you to advertise in a single city, and if the city is large, then in a certain area.


You don’t necessarily need a college or university degree to teach at home. You can work like this, but you must know your subject well. For example, if you are good at mathematics, then you can teach it in your free time, for example, during hours after your main job.

Personality – does it really exist?
Personality – does it really exist?

At the same time, decide who you want to teach: young children who need help with the school program or adults who want to learn a new profession or just for fun (for example, a person wants to learn how to play the piano).

And also don’t get hung up on in-person learning, i.e. face-to-face learning. You can teach many specialties via the Internet, and various sites, such as and the like, will help you contact customers and receive payments from them.

Professional player or sports privateer

If adventure and excitement are your soul, then you can become a professional player or a sports privateer. A professional player is a person who makes money on games, for example, a poker player. A sports marque is a person who makes money on bets, for example, on sports.

Warning: do not try to win the casino, that is, do not play games such as roulette, the wheel of fortune and the like. It is impossible to win such games in the long run. But when playing against other people, it is always possible to win. But of course, you must think well and quickly and not succumb to emotions.

Animal care

If you love pets such as dogs or cats, then you can provide pet care services.

Outsourcing is a trend of modern business
Outsourcing is a trend of modern business

When people go on vacation, they can’t always take their pet with them. In this case, you can take the animal from them for a couple of weeks and look after it.

Chef or confectioner

If you have culinary skills or even an education in the field, but want to get into baking or cooking from home, then you might want to consider making good food for others.


Sewing at home is a good idea, but it requires knowing how to sew well. A good tailor or dressmaker will always find a job. Usually they order custom-made clothes or things like curtains.


Traders are usually presented as wealthy men in a suit and tie. However, the reality is far from this, because anyone can trade currencies, stocks and even gold from the comfort of their home. On the other hand, at the initial stage, most people drain their money, and sometimes, in a big way, up to the loss of an apartment.

Work from home
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Therefore, until you fully understand what’s what, do not invest a lot of money. As for the time, in order to really make money on this constantly, be prepared to spend two to three years. Yes, you won’t learn anything in a month, no matter what mountains of gold some advertising promises.

Graphic designer, web designer or computer graphics designer

Are you good at drawing and the computer doesn’t scare you at all? Consider becoming a graphic designer or web designer to bring your talent to life. If you are an experienced graphic or design professional, many companies will pay well for your work.

UX Design – User Experience Design
UX Design – User Experience Design

These jobs require knowledge of editing software such as Photoshop or Illustrator (Adobe). Don’t be afraid, mastering these programs at a professional level is quite a feasible task for most people.

Earnings will be proportional to the number of clients. Gradually mastering this profession, you will be able to increase your earnings: graphic works used for commercial purposes and on a large scale usually pay well.

A breeder of dogs, cats (or other animals)

If you have a passion for pets and if you have enough space at home, then you can start breeding rare breeds. You will not be paid much for a regular domestic breed, and you will not be able to make money on it. But for example, a kitten of a Bengal cat breed can cost from 30 thousand rubles and more.

Artisan or artist

Do you like to make things with your own hands, and your friends are delighted with your creations? Why not sell your creations to make money online, right from your apartment?

Work from home
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Find classifieds sites and list your items for sale. If you know a little English and are willing to spend the effort to send a package to distant countries, then you can use foreign sites like E-bay.

There are many ordinary artists in painting, but few real talents. If you like doing it, then draw and sell. You can paint both your own paintings and paintings to order. Very often order portraits. They send you a digital photo, and you create a masterpiece with your vision of the artist. The more popular an artist you become, the more you will be paid for your work.


As a rule, many accountants work for some time in large organizations, then, after gaining experience and gaining fame, they switch to servicing small firms, where hiring a separate accountant is impractical.

Investments – keep multiply
Investments – keep multiply

Therefore, if you like working with numbers, then you can choose this profession and start working from home after a while.

SMM specialist

Social networks have long been firmly established in people’s lives, and now you can find your own pages even in cats and dogs. Well, large and not very large firms, all the more, should maintain their pages.

But if large companies can still afford to hire a social media specialist – SMM, to their staff, then small companies, for example, local cafes and restaurants, cannot afford it. Although they also need to maintain social networks, for which the business owner may simply not have enough time.

The Internet is the greatest invention of mankind
The Internet is the greatest invention of mankind

This is where SMM specialists who work from home come to the rescue.


In fact, there are hundreds of different ways to make money from home. Some of them are accessible to beginners, while others require years of study and experience. But on the other hand, you can choose a job to your liking and receive a decent reward for your work.