GDPR in the digital age

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GDPR in the digital age
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GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation, the new privacy law.

Its main purpose is to take care of and protect personal data that companies receive from their customers and customers, not only those that can be used for identity theft, but all those that can be accumulated without any specific purpose.

The reason for this proposal was the huge amount of data that corporations have. In order for the client to get exactly what he wants and what he needs, a series of actions are performed aimed at finding out his name, date of birth, likes and dislikes, location and much other information.

Cookies are mysterious files that few people know about
Cookies are mysterious files that few people know about
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Ratmir Belov

The EU is concerned about this, which is why it introduced this regulation, which is expected to eliminate all those data that are not necessary to create good marketing strategies.

The last question is: who is affected by this ruling? There are 3 types of organizations that need to learn and adapt to the GDPR.

These are physical companies located in the EU, companies that store information of EU citizens or residents, companies that enter into service contracts that manage the data of EU citizens or residents.

GDPR driven changes

There are a number of items that need to be adapted and have undergone significant changes due to the new EU regulations.

From now on, the client must be informed about the purpose of the collected data, as well as the possibility of changing or deleting information at the request of the client. The client has full access to his data and must be informed about how long they will be at the disposal of the company.

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The client must consent to the use of the data and must be given the opportunity to revoke this permission at any time. Each user must know the channels through which his information was received, as well as the time when this happened. If there is no clear reason for keeping the information, it should be deleted in accordance with internal security policy.

From now on, there should be a strong anonymization component and data encryption when needed. Regular security checks are a must for the peace of mind of users.

Digital Marketing Benefits

There is a large group of people who consider this new ruling a loss for content marketing and online marketing, even some extreme people have said that this is the end of email marketing. However, these are all rumors or myths, the truth is that with the right pieces on the board, this new regulation can be very beneficial for online marketing.

Phishing – they also catch here, but not fish
Phishing – they also catch here, but not fish
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Ratmir Belov

If there is one thing that is important in dealing with clients, it is transparency. The GDPR forces companies to be honest and disclose what the collected information will be used for. This is an advantageous position, customers appreciate transparency, which will allow more active email marketing and advertising campaigns. Improved security practices by companies give users confidence and foster stronger relationships.

Thanks to the GDPR, the user can more easily understand that the requested data is necessary to provide more personalized and quality services, knowing this situation can help create greater interest on both sides.

Business Risk and Consequences of Violating the GDPR

Of greatest concern is the issue of penalties for violating such regulations, and it has even been suggested that this will seriously affect marketing in companies.

The Internet is the greatest invention of mankind
The Internet is the greatest invention of mankind
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Editorial team of

The EU said that those corporations that violate the GDPR will have to pay a fine of 4% of their annual global turnover or the amount of 20 million euros, the choice of one or the other will depend on which is greater.

Steps to take to avoid a fine

To avoid such a huge fine for violators of the law, it is best to conduct an audit with the help of professional experts in the field. In addition, before any legal advice, it is advisable to conduct an analysis of the marketing techniques used in the company, an internal review of obligations and dangers, will help you choose the right measures to be taken in the field of security and data collection.

After reading all of this, some may be asking themselves: why bother with content marketing, given that it can be more difficult now? But the truth is that this method is inevitable for business marketing, without it you will not be able to move forward competitively in the modern world, because you are on the Internet no less than in reality.

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