How to make more money in the village than in the city? Popular methods

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How to make more money in the village than in the city? Popular methods

According to a significant part of citizens, the Russian village has no future.

Since in rural areas it is impossible to earn as much as is required to ensure a normal standard of living, we can only talk about further collapse, and those who still live in villages should quickly move to cities. But there are quite a few examples of people moving from cities to rural areas and proving the opposite. How to make money in the village? Let’s look at working methods.

Seedlings, saplings and seeds for sale

Life in the village always involves working on the land. Even if the plot is only 6 acres, and this is not a place of permanent residence, but a small country property. But even in such a small area they grow fruit trees, shrubs, and create beds.

There is even enough space for flower beds. If you collect seeds from such a plot and grow several times more seedlings than you need in the spring, then when sold, you will get a good amount for the season. Of course, there may be difficulties with sales, but wholesale buyers usually find sellers themselves. Another option is to sell everything online.

Earning money in the village by selling vegetables, berries and fruits

Of course, fruits grown on your own plot may not look as beautiful as in the store. But buyers always have more confidence in such a product. Indeed, in this case, the one who sells the fruits also uses them for food.

How to make money in the village

And you can use your site with greater efficiency. For example, there are technologies that allow you to get two or even three potato harvests in a year. Greenhouses provide an even greater effect. You can grow early (and very late) cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, green onions and other greens in them. Strawberries grown in a greenhouse also provide good results. Remontant varieties of strawberries, wild strawberries and raspberries will allow you to harvest several times per season. After an early harvest, the plant will bloom again.

Collecting herbs and berries – making money without investment

How and on what can even a teenager or schoolchild earn money in the countryside? From spring to late autumn in rural areas you can make good money by collecting and selling wild plants (berries, mushrooms, herbs, nuts). True, for this you will have to spend a lot of time in the forest. But quite a few types of wild berries and even mushrooms are grown on their own plots. Currently, specialized stores even sell wild plant seeds and mycelium.

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Harvesting medicinal plants gives good results for earning money from scratch. A number of herbs are even purchased by wholesalers at a fairly high price. For example, fireweed tea has a high price. Experience shows that you can earn 100 thousand rubles over the summer from Ivan tea alone. Also in demand are St. John’s wort, wild rosemary, and chamomile. Details can be found on the Internet by searching for “herbs wholesale”; nearby pharmacies can also give advice on where to go.

Mushroom connoisseurs also have a good income, because you can sell porcini mushrooms wholesale, for example, for 100 rubles per kg to the nearest cafes, restaurants, wholesale stores (especially at monasteries, since mushrooms are a lean food and are in great demand in refectories). This method of earning money is more suitable for adult women and men, because among the mushrooms there are also poisonous ones, and you will have to walk a lot in the forests, which is unsafe for children.

When picking berries with a combine, earnings are also high. Blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, lingonberries, cloudberries, strawberries can be donated from 2 USD per kilogram to the nearest cafes and food production facilities.


If a person knows how to properly handle bees, then his income can be quite large. And the main thing here is not honey, which also has a high cost. There is an increased demand for royal jelly, bee bread, wax, and propolis. Of course, if an apiary consists of 3–5 hives, then there is no need to talk about a large income.
Beekeeping . Picture:

But when there is a large apiary that requires constant work, the annual income can reach a million rubles, or even more. After all, from one good hive you can collect from 50 kg of honey per season, and the cost of real honey is from 500 rubles per kilogram on average across the country. Maintaining 50 hives is a feasible task for one family.

The beekeeper’s current costs are also small: for updating frames, wax, complementary food and medications for bees if necessary, updating equipment for collecting honey. Capital initial costs include the purchase (or construction) of hives, the purchase of bee swarms (sometimes they fly into empty hives on their own, smelling like wood, as they are looking for a home), the purchase of tools and equipment for collecting honey and caring for bees. But the most important thing here is knowledge and love in your work.

Unfortunately, the downside for beekeepers has been the massive death of bees across Russia; for example, in the Pskov region, entire apiaries have been dying for unknown reasons for several years in a row. The likely reasons are uncontrolled work with chemicals and fertilizers on collective farms and farmers’ fields, climate change, and changes in electromagnetic fields due to increased electricity consumption.

Growing fish and crayfish, organizing fishing

A good income is provided by farming fish or crayfish. By the way, this does not require large investments. For example, crayfish need a pond with a sandy and rocky bottom. The most difficult thing in this case is to arrange a pond.
Fish farming
Fish farming. Picture:

It is necessary to provide for the possibility of updating the water at least twice a month. It should also be divided into parts. This is necessary to prevent adult crayfish from eating small ones. True, it will not be possible to make a profit quickly, since the cancer takes three years to grow. If you breed fish, it is best to stick to carp or trout. Even with a price reduction, the profitability will be at least 10%.

It has now become popular to give the buyer the opportunity to catch the fish themselves. To do this, you can organize paid fishing near your pond. If you build a bathhouse, a mini-cafe, a place for preparing fish and grilled meat, and a place to spend the night nearby, you will get a full-fledged recreation center that can be served by only 2-3 people, a family.

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There are many examples of this, which can be found by searching for “paid fishing in (name of your region).” Payment for earning money in the village may include rental of gazebos, fishing gear, barbecues, hourly payment for a bathhouse, payment for bath accessories, payment for fishing, cleaning and cooking services, and much more!

The main thing is quality service, hard work and imagination of the organizer! You can find clients through ad sites, groups on social networks, placing roadside banners and signs, and simply word of mouth!

Village shop

Typically, in rural areas, residents have little choice in retail outlets. The shops there are always in high demand. An important condition is a wide range. Everything should be sold, from food to clothing and footwear, household chemicals, and household appliances are in demand in the village.

Ideas for organizing production

Small-scale production in rural areas is not difficult to organize if there is no work. In some cases, you can do without initial start-up capital. For example, you can make jams and knit brooms.

We are talking not only about brooms needed for cleaning, but also about bath brooms. Good income comes from products made from milk. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to acquire a herd of cows. Milk can be purchased from local residents. You can make cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt and other products from it.

Options for making money in rural areas on the Internet without investment

Of course, there are always more opportunities for earning money in cities. However, it is also possible in rural areas. Several options have already been described above, but there are others for those who are not ready to “work on the land.” Currently, it is difficult to find a village that is completely cut off from the rest of the world. The Internet is available almost everywhere; one of the options for generating income is remote work.

How to make money in the village

With the help of remote work, you can earn money in the village without investments no less than living in the capital, in winter and summer. After all, the level of payment will depend only on professionalism. Among the most common are:

  • Copyright/rewrite. It consists in the fact that a person writes articles to order. On the Internet it is not difficult to find specialized exchanges through which articles are ordered. Or you can, having found a regular customer, work with him directly.
  • Seo specialist. True, it is not easy to become such a specialist, but with due effort and perseverance, you can learn how to promote sites so that they appear on the first pages of search engines.
  • Translator. If necessary, such a person translates articles to order, for example, from English. However, you can simply translate the text using the same Google translator, and then revise it literary if the customer is satisfied with this translation method. After all, all work is subject to verification; you definitely won’t be able to make money by cheating.
  • Programming. Of course, not everyone can create even simple websites or mobile applications. But, if you know how to do this, then you don’t have to live in the city. Living in rural areas and working remotely, you can do programming without difficulty and earn Moscow salaries.
  • Dropshipping. This is what they call the organization of an online store. In this case, the goods are delivered by the supplier. The seller does not need warehouse space. His task is to find a buyer, organize contact with a future client, customer.
  • Passive income through file sharing services. To do this, you need to register on a service for downloading content (pictures, photos, music, films, etc.) and receive money for the number of downloads according to the rules of the system. There is another type of earnings on file hosting services. In this case, there are similarities with writing articles to order. You also need to write here. We are talking about descriptions of films, TV series, etc., which can be ordered by the owner of a file hosting service.

What else can you do to earn money even for a schoolchild while living at home in the village? Additional options are: posting on forums, viewing advertisements, writing reviews and reviews after using a product and other methods of making money on the Internet.

Tourism business

What else can you open in a village to make money? If you get into the tourism business, you can also achieve some success.

How to make money in the village

To attract potential vacationers, you can choose the following destinations:

  1. Traditional rituals. Here the best effect is provided by the use of animation. People who come from the city like to participate in events such as traditional wedding ceremonies, round dances in traditional costumes.
  2. Excursions provide good income. Each region, moreover, each small territory has its own history. There are always some special places. These could be springs, caves, ponds, forests. There are also architectural monuments. Sometimes territories are associated with certain events or famous people. If all this is presented correctly, the flow of tourists will become stable. This means that the income level will be quite high.
  3. A good effect on excursions is ensured by the demonstration of traditional crafts. Vacationers can participate in modeling, wood carving, pottery or blacksmithing.
  4. An existing rural house can be rented out for several days or just for one day. Many city dwellers do not have suburban areas. For them, a break from the bustle of the city is the best. They are ready to travel several tens of kilometers for the weekend to spend time in silence.
  5. Excursion routes using horses have a high level of popularity. These can be rides on horseback or in sleds. In this case, the horse must be harnessed to a cart copied from those that were used in the last and century before.

Where to start

When choosing what to do in a village to make money, you should do an analysis, identifying what exactly is missing in this area. It is better when directions are chosen that complement each other. At the same time, it is desirable that they be a free niche, not occupied by competitors.

Having decided on any idea, you should thoroughly study the future business, not leaving a single detail unattended. In this case, no serious mistakes will occur, and rural business will develop faster and more efficiently, no worse than urban ones.

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