Money is something without which it is impossible to imagine the modern world

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Money is something without which it is impossible to imagine the modern world
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Money plays an important, significant role in modern society. Everyone knows the expression: “For me, money is not a chain, but a means to an end.”

Money reality, like other social realities, was created in the process of development of society by people. Exactly so, and not otherwise. You should never forget about it. Therefore, each person in relation to his financial well-being, being a creator, determines for himself what kind of relationship he has with money, with this reality. And here, of course, not everything is simple and clear.

Money and folklore

If we turn to our common past and look at folk proverbs and sayings, fairy tales, it turns out that the topic of money in them has not been passed by. Moreover, after analyzing folk art, one can notice a number of interesting patterns. And these patterns, to one degree or another, apply to most of the peoples of the world.

For example, not only in our fairy tales, the hero distributes his money to “kind” people, the hero of Indian fairy tales acts in much the same way – after distributing everything he had, he sets off to wander. And such behavior is welcomed in society (of course!).

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You don’t have to look far for examples – remember right now a few proverbs about money, and you will notice a characteristic – most of them, one way or another, associate money with something bad (“Poverty is not a vice “, “Money doesn’t smell” (meaning it doesn’t smell bad).

Some proverbs directly justify the fear of possessing money, associated with an embedded sense of guilt (“Money spoils people”). And few people think about it. Meanwhile, such fears are the strongest obstacle on the way to personal realization for any person. It is impossible to become a free person without getting rid of prejudices about money.

What is good and what is bad?

As such, money is not good or bad, it is not moral or immoral – all these are qualities that we ourselves or with the help of others attach to money. You can earn money illegally, or on someone’s grief, but this is already a matter of personal choice for everyone.

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The money itself does not undergo changes, new qualities from the way it was earned. Perhaps, historically, it has always been beneficial for someone that you think less about “dirty money” while working for him. However, there are many reasons due to which there are still a lot of dismissive stereotypes regarding money in society. And until you manage to free your consciousness from them, you will continue to serve other people’s interests.

In any case, if you consider some way of making money to be bad and not suitable for you (for example, playing on the stock exchange), then you can always choose from many other ways. You should be wary when most of the ways you don’t like it. Perhaps, in this case, you just go on about your own feelings of guilt. And you are preventing yourself from reaching your goals.

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Think about it, maybe it’s better to change your attitude to money (and to yourself) by introducing something new and useful into the world, instead of constantly being offended and envious of those who have already done it? Of course, the sight of a wealthy spender, confident that for money he can afford everything (“Everything is bought”), can be disgusting. But it is no less unpleasant to communicate with those who constantly slander those whom they envy, while not wanting to be “like these presumptuous rich people.”

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Don’t go to extremes. Perhaps it is worth earning a lot of money in order to adequately dispose of them? After all, when someone becomes rich, other people become richer with him – new jobs appear, and many other people have the opportunity to provide their loved ones with everything they need. Indeed, the process of monetary interchange can be viewed in different ways.

We can think that we buy something from a seller in a store. One might think that we buy this something not from the seller, but from the owner of the store. And you can consider yourself a participant in the global interchange. And then you may want to make a greater personal contribution to this global process of rescaling. After all, it was not in vain that the saying appeared and took root among the people that “money makes the world spin.”

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